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Can this website be used for dropshipping? 
- Yes, it can! Just create an account normally and when checking out, put your address as the Billing Details and your customer's address and information in the Ship Details section and we will put your name and company on the shipping label to your customer!

How will my customers know that the products I order are from my company and not from SW Closeouts? 
- We do not put our name on any packages as request The shipping label will have your customer name and address along with a return address of your name or company name. We do not contact your customers for any reason, only you can contact us with the order # (in your account history) for any changes, complaints, refund, exchange etc...

What kind of fees do you charge for dropshipping? 
- We do not charge any fee for dropshipping whatsoever.

How can I find out the shipping cost so that I know to charge my customer? 
- Log into your account and make an order. At the check out section, just fill out a shipping address and the FEDEX calculator will give you a list of shipping rates (click on page, add quantities, edit shopping cart, fill in zip code and check"calculate shipping rates").

How do I obtain the pictures and descriptions for my website or auction postings? 
- As a member of Wholesale Dropship, you have the right to use our images to post on your auction or your website. To obtain the pictures, right-click on the image you want to download and click on "Save Picture As..."

How do I know when my merchandise has been shipped and if my customer has received it? 
- You can track all your orders activities from your account page. From the order history, you are able to track if the package has been processed, is on hold or has been shipped. You may also obtain the shipping tracking number in the order history and also by email.

Payment and Shipment
Why are your shipping costs so high for 2015?
- Our carrier Fedex has made changes in their ground shipping rates, now charging for a package's dimensional weight (how large the package is) vs. the package's actual weight. So, an 8 lb package with dimensions 16 x 12 x 10 will be treated as a 14 lb package instead. We do not include the shipping price in the item in order to keep our item prices as low as possible, so the shipping price you pay is what we pay Fedex to ship the package to you!

Do you ship internationally? 
- Yes, but please note that due to expensive shipping costs, we do not cover any warranty, guarantee or defects (we only double check the merchandise before it is leaving the warehouse). For international orders, we accept only PayPal, US Postal money order, or cashier's check and will ship out the order when the payment is cleared. Recipient is also responsible for paying all duty and other taxes.

When will my order be shipped?
If you placed your order before 3:00 PM PST on a business day, it will ship out within two business days. If it is placed after that time, your order will be shipped out and picked up by our carrier within the next 2 business days. Please note that special custom paint or LED orders may take longer to ship out. Time sensitive orders will be given priority and will be shipped out the same business day, given that such orders were placed before 3:00 PM PST and items are in stock. We cannot guarantee your order arrives on time if you place your order after our carrier leaves.

Can my address be an APO, military, P.O Box, or Rural Box?
- Yes, but additional fees may be charged.

What is the delivery time for orders? 
- Actual delivery day and time varies by our carriers, FedEx and USPS. Regular ground shipments usually take between 1 to 7 business days depending on your location.

Can you reroute my package if I inputted the wrong shipping address?
- Yes, but you are responsible for the shipping charges. To avoid order errors, please check your address before submitting "complete order".

How do I cancel my order?
- You may either email us or call us before 3:00 PM PST. If you do not receive an email response or refund to confirm the order cancellation, please call us at 714-487-8971 to cancel your order so that we do not miss your email before our carrier arrives. Once the order leaves our warehouse, we will charge a $11 (imposed by Fedex's carrier) reroute fee to cancel your order.

Do you have a minimum order requirement? 
- No, there is no minimum dollar amount. You may purchase one item at a time or in bulk.

What is your damage return policy?
- We give 3 weeks for damage claims.

Why did my order not appear in my Order History when I finished checking out? 
- If you choose PayPal payment method when checking out, you MUST go through the whole process and MAKE SURE you click continue at the end of PayPal payment page and return to our website.
- If you paid with a credit card and you did not end up at a confirmation page, your credit card was declined and was not charged. Re-enter your information carefully and correctly. If it still does not go through or if you are unsure about whether your card was really charged or not, please check with your credit card company for the problem before you contact us. We have no control over whether or not your credit card gets declined due to insufficient funds or incorrect submitted information.

Why do I still receive a message to ask me to complete my order even though I got a confirmation message already?
In this case, you should ignore the automate reminder message (as it was generated automatically by the software), if you wish not to receive these messages in the future, you can click "to unsubscribe" at the bottom of the message page to cancel it.